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Random-Esque: TV Premieres

September 25, 2011

If you’re a fan of TV one of your favorite shows premiered last week. I love crime dramas and Glee as if those two go together. My favorites that premiered last week were Castle, NCIS, Glee, NCIS:LA, Hawaii Five-O, and  Blue Bloods. Most of these left us wondering what happened next. I haven’t watched NCIS:LA yet so forgive me for the lack of update.

 On Castle, Barret lives, but does she remember what Castle said to her. At first we believe that she doesn’t but by the end we start to believe she does. I hope she does, so I predict a lot friction coming up especially Barret vs.Barret conflict. I believe she is going to go to war with herself.

On NCIS, it is one of the most nerve-racking premieres not only for us but for Dinozzo who has a slight case of amnesia but as the episode progresses we come to learn about what happened and leaves the questions: Where’s E.J.? 

Hawaii Five-O was probably the most enthralling only because it arises the most questions. McGarrett is proven innocent but I can’t say much more without giving away the entire episode away so I’ll leave you to watch it. 

Much like High School much drama has come forth on Glee, so Blaine now goes to McKinley and Quinn has quit Glee club and dyed her hair pink! Sam went out-of-town with his parents and Rachel and Kurt  have a change of heart about where to go to college.  Anyway, I’m most excited for Damian McGinty to come on. I’ve watched him since his voice was a soprano with Celtic Thunder and to watch him on Glee is just unbelievable.

Blue Bloods left us with the question What next? It ended so perfectly to the point where I wondered if it would come back. Well it did. Jamie accidentally infiltrates a gangster family that the cops had never been able to and the murder case in this one is never solved! I think next weeks is going to be better but this one is a must watch. Oh, and I think Jamie’s love interest from the finale is going to return. 

So….I hope your caught up. 

See Ya’ Next Time, 

Alyce McKnight


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