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Random-Esque: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Can you believe it is already March? It seems like just yesterday I was hanging Christmas decorations. St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow. The day to celebrate the Irish, their culture, and of course St. Patrick. I LOVE this holiday, because I LOVE Ireland. The only thing better than chowing down on Irish Apple Cake and watching Celtic Thunder on QVC would be being there myself. That won’t happen for at least another few years, but for now I will stick to the apple cake.

If you’re a Celtic Thunder fan, then you probably know that they perform every St. Patrick’s Day on QVC and sell their latest album. A few drastic changes were made to the group over the past year when Paul and Damian left the group. The new members are: Emmet Cahill and Daniel Furlong. Celtic Thunder, however, hasn’t changed their sound too much and is going to be on QVC tomorrow.

Many St. Patrick’s Day parades are held in various cities. New York, Boston, and Seattle all have them. Irish cities also hold many parades in Dublin, and many other cities.

Whatever your St. Patrick’s Day plans are have a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Random-Esque: It’s a Voyage

I didn’t like Celtic Thunder at first. Okay, so that’s not entirely true, I liked a few select songs. Then, in 2009, when the band released It’s Entertainment, I was absolutely hooked!

Damian McGinty, left the band after winning a seven episode spot on Glee (which by the way was recently extended!)  On their new album, Voyage (released this Tuesday), he gives his fans a final goodbye in the song, Falling Slowly. 

This album is the eighth album Celtic Thunder has realeased. Daniel Furlong, the newest band member’s first album with the band.

Song of the Week:

Falling Slowly

By: Damian McGinty

Random-Esque: The #1 Thing I Rant About

This may seem like a pointless rant. Well, to some yes, but to my BSB girls and *NSYNC babes, this is serious stuff. Remember the “feud” between The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, the one thing I don’t understand is why it still matters.

Back in the 1990’s, teenage girls fought (literally!) over who was better The Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC. Many of these girls forgot that it was a stupid little situation that started this whole thing. 

Nowadays, Backstreet Boys’ fans and *NSYNC fans somehow still agree that a person can’t like both The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. They AREN’T feuding anymore and hardly were to begin with! J.C. from *NSYNC has even worked with The Backstreet Boys since this all went on. (It’s true, check the booklet from This Is Us.) Even though the fighting has stopped, I don’t understand why Backstreet Boys fans and *NSYNC fans like the other’s music (which isn’t really that different). I can truthfully say that I like both Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC and can prove it!

Random-Esque: Catching Up

So…what have you been watching?

 Blue Bloods this season has been good but I’m finding it lacks a stable storyline this time, other than Jamie’s undercover work. The episodes are still interesting and I would recommend watching it.

Castle, oh, Castle, this season is AWESOME! In a recent episode, they solved a murder case (usual) but they also solved a murder case from 1941. That episode was the BEST EVER! It showed off all of the individual actor’s talents and new sides of characters you never really thought of.

NCIS recently reached their 200th episode!Congrats to NCIS! Gibbs was shot? It’s really unsure to me whether he really was shot or if it was his life flashing before his eyes.  I believe I missed a week, so I will have answers soon.

Top Gear began Tuesday=)  and Grant is leaving Ghosthunters =( . So there is your update on everything TV. Oh, and who loves Big Bang Theory?

Random-Esque: I’m Back!!!!!!

Maybe I was wrong…. okay I was wrong. New Kids on the Block and Boys II Men did not perform at the ball drop but rather had a concert on New Year’s Eve in New York City.  So because I’m back the new song of the week is


Back to Me


By Howie D




Random-Esque: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

The Christmas season has come! Whether your going caroling or going to a tree lighting, the Christmas season is always joyful, even if you’re sitting at home flipping through the channels. So, I want to start this blog with a huge Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Now the countdown begins until the New Kids on the Block and Boys II Men perform on New Year’s Eve in New York City….

14 Days or 2 weeks.

The Song of the Week:

You Make Me Feel… 

By: Cobra Starship

Random-Esque: NEW Year II soon!!!!

Word on around the block is….

New Kids on the Block and Boys II Men will be performing during the annual Ball Drop ceremony on New Year’s Eve!!!! Last year, it was the début of NKOTBSB that put fans over the moon. I hope they tour together and create New Kids II Men but of course we’ll find out New Year’s Eve if that is true. For now, anyways, it’s just a joint performance.

For everything New on the Block,

Alyce McKnight